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"Books, books, books!"



Have you ever seen a mirror inside a mirror?  Reflector reflecting reflection.  (Say that 10X fast).

A few years ago, I saw the movie About Time for the first time.  Bill Nighy's character is able to travel backwards in time, and has the limitless leisure to relive moments from his past.  What he chooses to do with the extra time brings tears to my eyes… (if you're anything like me, you'll understand)... “Books, books, books!” he says.  “I’ve read every book a man could wish to read twice, Dickens three times!”

I felt like I was looking in a bright, shiny mirror.  I cry just thinking about having the chance to read every book that's ever been written... 

This metaphorical mirror showed me an aspect of my self and I delighted in what I saw.  (Confession:  I also felt a bit nerdy.)  But these mirrors that show us our selves are such priceless gifts.  They are the rasps, the rifflers, and the eyes we use in polishing for our souls.  

Every one of us can also be a mirror to help show others their selves.  And everything around us can be a mirror.  Looking into mirrors, we can see who we truly are, and who we are not.  They take away the false and leave the true.  The mundane transforms to awe-inspiring, the neatly packaged to wonderful mystery. 

Some of us see our selves more clearly when gazing into a certain medium.  The fatherly character I mentioned above exclaims his own medium to be the very same as mine in a beautiful scene at the beginning of the movie.  He sees, as I see.  For me, like Bill Nighy, it's “books books books”.  If I were granted an extension of life for 10,000 years I would read, read, read, and perhaps write a bit.  

That's the page of my own book I'm opening now-- I'm going to start writing a bit more these days.  I want my writing to be a mirror to my own self, and to others.  

It is such a treasure to me, to read what others write.  And I can only hope what I share and what I write will be the same to you.  A gift; an act of purpose and love.  

There's a quote that says, 

“The sage points to the moon, all that the idiot sees is the finger.”

This is what writing and reading are like for me.  Sometimes.  That is why I'm writing this blog, and sharing it with any of you who like to gaze longingly and lovingly into mirrors like these.  Because sometimes when we look into the mirror, we see beyond it.  

We glimpse our true selves-- we transcend into something beyond the mirror, to a deeper place in our souls.  We discover insights, love, and clarity, and we realize that the words were actually only messengers.  The words were the prophets and seers, who pointed to something that we could never see apart from grace.  But some life force loves us into a greater reality than what we saw before.

Perhaps if you have found yourself here, reading this, you may share this quality with me:  you love to read.  If not, for some time at least… this website may bore you to tears.  

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- Forrest