I don't travel for ME, it's just for YOU!

Source:  https://personalityhacker.com/fast-personal-growth-for-every-type/

Each of us develops differently, but we all develop with a common goal:  Love.

We want to love ourselves and love others more fully, more authentically.  We want to love with more passion, energy, connection, vitality.  We are human beings.  This is our core, our essence when we dig deep enough.

Which is precisely why I travel.  I don’t travel because I enjoy it or because it’s fun for me…  I do it for you, neighbor… I'm an INTP!

Maybe you didn't realize how much sacrifice is involved in minimizing my work hours, just so I can maximize my time hiking in the mountains?  You should consider yourself lucky to know a generous person like me.

Do you understand just how much I give you by visiting islands, lakes, beaches, and valleys?  I’m curious what you feel like you’re putting into this relationship to justify all you're taking out?  

You think I LIKE learning new languages?  Exploring new lands, discovering new beauty?  Eating new foods and drinking new wines? 

Don’t get me wrong.  Like all “good people”… I enjoy the act of giving, but this needs to be a win-win for me too.  I have to think of myself sometimes.  

Get some insights into what will help you develop your love:  https://personalityhacker.com/fast-personal-growth-for-every-type/

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