Seeing the world. And feelings.

Though I’m primarily dominated by thinking, emotional awareness and connection have become huge themes in my life.  I've been focusing on these threads of life a lot, particularly in my writing.  Why?  Because naturally, these are my weaknesses.  

About a year ago, I was sitting with an older man who I perceive to be full of wisdom.  I was sharing some of my deepest fears and desires with him.  He listened attentively and carefully.  Then he gave me one of those incredible gifts of insight that stay with you forever.  You know that ones I'm talking about.  Those gifts perspectives that hold both kindness, severity, and truth all packaged into one pithy statement.  

Infinite Love surrounds you

He said, "Forrest, you're so smart.  Your mind has always been your greatest asset, hasn't it?  Have you ever recognized that it is also your greatest liability?"

I love to think.  I’m an information-synthesizer who either lives in a creative environment or dwindles from the attrition of monotony.  I’m driven by curiosity.  Admittedly, I’m easily distracted if someone wants to talk to me about intelligent or interesting ideas, the future, or any topic my brain is on the prowl to learn about.  But if I’m in deep pursuit of some kind of understanding, my concentration and focus can be very keen.  I prize intelligence and enjoy pursuing an understanding of complex conceptual theories.  I feel an enormous surge of energy when I discover deep, important connections between things that formerly felt entirely mysterious.

Because I possessed a tool in my belt that rarely failed me, I went to it over, and over and over again in my life to get me what I wanted: success in whatever form I currently pursued.  

The other tools didn't get much practice.  If you are a new friend of mine, or if you read this blog, you might even have the impression that I'm more of an emotional, feeling type, as of late!

Life does its thing and our tools fail us.  Being highly rational, logical, and quantitative has its perks.  Without much effort, we can give objective feedback and counsel to our loved ones even if there is substantial personal attachment involved.  We can easily detach.  

But I need more than that to get what I want out of life.  

"The one who would be constant in happiness must frequently change" - Confucious.

I inherited a measure of empathy in my youth from my sensitive mother and sister, but my emotional intelligence and self-awareness have been accelerating lately.  I’ve been learning and exploring connection with humankind more than ever the last couple of years.  This has been part of the driving force behind my endeavor to write more.  To explore my feelings.

Today I just wanted to share a quick video, demonstrating how our feelings affect our reality.  They can distort or enhance our perception.  Often, this happens unconsciously. 

Take a moment today to pay attention to how you're feeling.  Pause, and feel.  Point your perspective inward.  This can help your eyes to open to the world around you.  

I hope you enjoy!  It's a YouTube Video.  Here you go: