Well that's a hard question.

I spent my twenties furiously chasing freedom in the best way I knew how... money.  

As it turns out, the harvest from my 20's didn't put me on the Forbes List, but I don't have to spend all my time making ends meet these days.  

(Warning:  MeditateMedia.com is not yet launched).

(Warning:  MeditateMedia.com is not yet launched).

What I'm currently doing

I'm exploring, learning, reading, and writing a lot.  A bit of Wandering from time to time...

The primary focus of my work-hours the past few months has been a new endeavor called Wander Media.  We are investing in online web properties.

What I'm working toward

I want to help others pursue freedom in their personal lives and work lives.  

An overwhelming number of the books I've read and the things I write are related to the topic of freedom.  

My experience of the last decade has convinced me that the contents of my life are secondary to the context of my life.  


What I mean is that personal freedom brings me "what I'm really after" more than practical freedom.

Notwithstanding this opinion, I have a deepening passion for helping my friends achieve the levels of workplace freedom they desire.  This is my aim with Wander Advisory, which is my main focus right now at work.  


My consulting company Wander Advisory is researching and developing ways to practically catalyze freedom in our friends' lives.   

Most of Wander's efforts are focused on prototyping "how to do that" right now but I'll be sure to share our progress with you, particularly if you're one of my close friends looking for more workplace freedom.